Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ClassMarker Quiz

Aloha cousins :)

WOW! Yet another great classroom resource! Malaguzzi challenges us to think outside the box and to re-think the way early childhood education is taught and this is definately a way to do it.

If I had older students this would definately be an advantage in the learning environment. For my prep students I would have to read the questions and explain the concept of true and false before they could answer the questions but I am sure they would love doing an online test like big kids. I am thinking I might even use this testing as my form of end of term assessment for them and see what words they recognise and how they go with it all. I will keep you all posted on how they go and if you want to give it a go and give me feedback here is the link-
Take our online test

Mahola, Rissa.


Edwards, C., Gandini, L. and Forman, G. (1993). The Hundred Languages of Children. USA: Ablex Publishing Corporation.


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  1. Hello Rissa, when I tried to do your quiz I was unable to log onto the quiz. Do you have a certain log on and password to use to look at the quiz? When I was creating my quiz I created a fake class so people following my blog could complete the quiz. This can be done through editing the quiz.