Wednesday, August 19, 2009


C’kemi (hi in Albanian).

Slide share is an online storing site for power point presentations. Anyone can upload and have their presentations available for others to see and download on to their blogs and websites. This technological tool would be great to use in the classroom as you can find any topic you like on there and it would be a great introduction to students who are just learning about the world of power points (such as myself).

Mine uploaded very easily on to the site and I even got it to embed in my blog. Although I somehow did it twice and changed the layout of this first page of my blog but that is easily rectified if you scroll down to look at older blogs. Oops! Any suggestions or help to re-set this first page would be much appreciated.

Mirupafshim (bye in Albanian)

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  1. Hello Rissa,
    Sorry I can’t help you out there. But have you tried going into the edit profile? I think you have doing a great job on your blogs and I love the way you have used a different language for each technology to say hello and goodbye. Great job!