Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flickr time :)

Flickr is an online photo storing website. I actually already had an account with Flickr as I used it to show friends and family back home in Australia what I was doing and where I was going when I lived in the USA.

I also used to upload pictures on to Photobucket as well because I never wanted to pay to be storing my photos online which meant considering storage limits.

I now store my photos on Facebook as most of my friends and family are on there and it can be made to be private so only people I want to see the pictures can view them.

Several friends have mentioned problems with creating a Flickr account as it goes through Yahoo (another account which I already had) but have persevered and uploaded some great pictures.

I uploaded my friend Erika’s (now in Canada) and Kathy’s (now in Germany) photos on to my blog with a few difficulties. I couldn't get print to go where I wanted to and couldn't get the photos side by side so if you have an hints let me know. Otherwise I'll keep playing with it to see how I go.

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