Tuesday, August 18, 2009


G'day (hi in Australia).

Podcasting= Personal On Demand

A Podcast is an internet based auditory file that is sent via an RSS feed. The auditory file is sent with an ‘enclosure’ tag which can be compared to an email attachment for us less technically minded folk. Basically a person only has to choose what content and which programmes they want to download. And then once downloaded on to a device that supports an RSS feed such as an iPod, mobile or computer the person can chose to listen to the podcast when and where they like. It is the same with VodCasts except they are video files rather than auditory based files.

Podcasts can and are used for stories, self guided walking tours in museums and art galleries (imagine getting students to create their own walking tour around the school or local area!), music, radio and television shows and training and instruction giving. Just imagine the possibilities this could create in and outside of the classroom.

As stated in a previous posting my cousins are in a local high school and podcasting is now becoming a form of learning for them. I was curious as to how that could benefit them all but it is used in a way to strengthen their knowledge rather than being their only form of lesson delivery. It appears to be of great benefit to students who learn in auditory (podcasts) and visual (vodcasts) ways. One of my cousins now actually enjoys her classes as she can learn in her own style when and where she likes!

To be honest, I hadn’t used iTunes for anything other than music before. Opening the education category, again opened my eyes to a world I hadn’t seen or experienced before. I then got busy downloading on to my computer and iPod and watching and listening to these newly found sources of knowledge as I want to be considered as a 'progressive' teacher not a 'traditional' teacher of the bygone eras as suggested by Turner-Bisset.

See ya (bye in Australia).


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