Sunday, August 16, 2009

Using musIc on/from the web

Salut (French for hi).

I tend to have a more eclectic taste in music and having a racially diverse class made choosing a piece of music from the INCOMPETECH site easy for me- African and World! I wanted to see what they had available in the form of more culturally diverse music. I found a great variety of music but had trouble downloading it and then when it downloaded it took a long time to buffer to be able to play but that could be my old computer rather then the site. I love the fact that this site is free to download and able to be played to a group of people without the concern of copyright breaches because the organisation has already dealt with the Creative Commons Licence delemias for us (educators).

I had planned on adding the music to my lesson in the Gingerbread Man’s travels this week but I will have to play around with the site some more and see if I can find something else to download for my next lesson. Instead I am using a CD this week which I think will be just as entertaining and enjoyable for the children.

Other uses for music could be for-
· Setting the tone in the room while completing tasks (slow quiet music to calm students or more upbeat to motivate and re-energize students),
· Including students in the classroom (more diverse music rather than mainstream or generalized children’s music),
· The start of a lesson (the students hear a certain type of music and know it is time for a specific KLA).

P.S. Can you think of any other great ideas?


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  1. Hello Rissa,
    That is strange that you had trouble downloading the music. It may have been the internet connection at the time. Sometimes mine also does that.

    There will be plenty more opportunities where you can use music in the classroom. It can hook the students into a lesson or be included as part of a transition! It is great for Preps too.