Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wonderful World of Wiki

We discussed in our university lecture group the other day that you tend to learn a skill ‘just in time’ to use it and that was exactly how it was for me with ‘wiki’. Why this sudden need, you might ask, well I was (as were many at the Noosa campus) involved in two group presentations this past week and one of my tech savvy mates decided to start our assignment on a Google document so we can all add our bits when we weren’t meeting. Great idea I thought- how clever of her! Except until I attempted to open and edit the document a few times. No good. It just wouldn’t let me do what I wanted so I thought I could let this get the better of me or I could just embrace another technical element so my ‘wiki’ was created. I even managed to email the involved parties and let them in on my technical wonderment for a change (got to embrace those successful technological moments when I can!). Sorry I didn’t post it on the forum straight away as I wanted to become comfortable with using it before I shared it with everyone.
So last week I created a ‘wiki’! Yes me! It was VERY easy- a couple of clicks of various buttons and away I went! It was almost too easy especially after watching the You Tube clip that Scot has on our learning materials.
Link here- sorry still haven’t worked out how to open You Tube clips directly on my blog yet.
My ‘wiki’ is:
‘Wiki’ is definitely an easy to use tool for me (well at least the ‘wetpaint’ one I have signed up for) and I could see it involved in the classroom environment in so many ways.
For example getting input from students on the next unit of work to undertake in class and the next excursion destination. It was brilliant for the group presentation tasks so I would definitely recommend it for that use in the classroom setting too.

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