Saturday, August 15, 2009

Voki Avatars

Ciao (hi in Italian).

Voki avatars appear to be a love them or not type of technological tool if my uni lecture group is anything to go by. Some students used them in their group presentations which I thought was fun and great that they have mastered the power so easily. While others thought them silly and that they are very un-human (some students argued they give a human element to the lesson but aren’t we all human?). I take it from this mixed reaction that this could be the response in a ‘normal’ classroom environment.

(several people and myself couldn't get this to open properly here so hopefully the link works).

I personally feel unless I could make the voice different to my own culturally wise I probably wouldn’t use them too often. My class is a quite diverse crowd and would most likely respond well to a voice that sounded similar to their own. I wonder if I could record several students’ parents’ voices and then add that to an avatar and play it during a lesson. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to do this. Thanks.

Arrivederci (bye in Italian).


  1. Hi Charissa,
    Who would have thought Voki's would be so controversial. I love your idea of recording parents voices. What a nice surprise for the students.

  2. Hello Rissa,
    There is a way you can record people’s voices on the Voki's. Where you type in what you want to say, you can click on the microphone and add your voice. I though this would be a useful tool to use in the classroom, although can be very time consuming as you may be fiddling around with what they are wearing or their location. This can also be a great hook for the lessons!