Sunday, August 16, 2009

Static Websites

Hi (Germans say hi too- did you know that?)

Doing a Google search for ‘Static Websites’ bought me across a wealth of information. Although one bit of information remained clear in each page I looked at. A static website is a website or web page that doesn’t need changing or updating often. A static website is also supposed to be quick to set up and require next to no maintenance so if the information you are trying to get across to readers doesn’t need to be changed often then a static website is for you!

Most of the information I read said any individual, business or company can have a static website. Most websites usually recommended people to have an active website so the person creating the website could change the content when or how often they like with minimal fuss. That way the website could still be static if the person in charge of it decided not to update or change it very often.

So basically websites whether active or static allow people to view the information you are attempting to get across to them.

Bye (Germans also say bye!).

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