Thursday, August 20, 2009


Goedendag (hello in Dutch).

You Tube really doesn’t an introduction as most people have seen at least one clip from the service. In classrooms we as educators need to be aware that offensive comments haven’t been added to the clips we chose to use to assist in engaging our student’s interest. We also need to make our students aware of the fact that people do post comments and prepare them for the worst to be said. Because if they in turn go home and chose to show their friends and family the clip they have seen in class and it now has a nasty comment attached to it then you can imagine the phone calls you may receive.

My only other pitfall is just how many YouTube clips are on the site. I was looking for a basic clip to introduce planting seeds to my students but my search found quite a few which I of course had to watch through to ensure no bad language was used (which surprisingly was in a couple of them) and that the clip covered the content I wanted.

Kearsley and Shneiderman state that 'Engagement Theory' is planned to be a framework for technology based learning and teaching and other than those pitfalls I do believe You Tube clips can do just that by enhancing a lesson. The students could gain interest in a topic they might not have had any attraction to beforehand or it could reinforce knowledge they already had.

This is a clip by a teacher as to how to plant seeds. She actually has a few clips so I might use hers again in future lessons too if they cover the content I want.

Tot ziens (bye in Dutch).


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