Saturday, August 15, 2009

Powerpoints re-visited

Oi (hi in Portuguese).

My Prep students said they enjoyed the power point presentation I created for them, even though it didn’t hold their attention for long. I think it was because I personally wasn’t comfortable with the technology and felt that the lesson could have been constructed better. In hindsight I could have persevered to add music or find clearer pictures but this is all still a learning curve for me. I will hopefully learn from my mistakes along my learning journey and become a power point wiz.

Thanks Cristi for the suggestions on how to add pictures from the internet. None of the people I had spoken to had ever had such a problem and couldn’t assist me in uploading pictures other then clip art to my power point. I haven’t made any more power points for class but plan to again one day soon with this newly gained knowledge.

And in other big classroom technology advances for me-
· I have introduced signing in on the smart board when the students enter the room. Most of the students love it and some have started doing rainbow writing (writing their name over the top of itself over and over again in different colours). There are still two students who are reluctant with the process but we practice together when other students aren’t around because we all need to work on our Queensland font handwriting skills!

· I have also involved my students in working in the word function of the computers we have in our classroom. It came about as an unplanned event as I was typing up students observations for their portfolios when several students showed interest in what I was doing. I set them up and stepped them through their options of drawing lines, using shapes or typing letters in different fonts and/or colours by clicking on different areas. They truly enjoyed it and have now made it part of their ‘police’ play as they use computers!

How much fun! Wait until I introduce them to Google Earth this week (fingers crossed it works at school) on our Gingerbread Man’s trip around the world.

Tchau (bye in Portuguese).

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  1. Hi Charissa,
    New skills are a learning curve for everyone. As life-long learners we are always learning and finding out how different people do things is all part of the journey. I look forward when I can put together a powerpoint in under 2 hours.