Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hi again, this week I volunteered to make my first powerpoints for my class lessons. My friends and fellow educators have been making powerpoints for nearly two years now so have a great deal of experience in that area. I tried to get as many ideas and suggestions off them as I could.

My first powerpoint was to do with the vegetable garden we are creating. Most of the students in my class were unsure of which vegetables grew above and below ground. Easy I thought. Well, several hours later and I still hadn't worked out how to cut and paste pictures from the internet to my power points. I ended up using clip art. I love clip art! Next was the background but I started to realise I should of done that first as pictures started to disappear and move around. More playing around with it all and I wanted to add music. My friend made it look so easy when she did it but again more playing around with it and I was finally happy!

The other oh so simple powerpoint I volunteered to do is in regards to hospitals and it was a similar story. I commiserated with a friend and she reassures me it will get easier the more I do it. Fingers crossed they open at school on the smartboard and I will keep you posted how successful it is after my lessons.



  1. Hey there,
    I am so Pleased that you are experimenting with powerpoints, now you can give me some tips.

  2. Hi Rissa,

    Not sure if you have had a chance to play around and figure this out. I find that its easiest to search google images for the pictures I want, right click and save the image to a file in My Pictures. Then once in powerpoint instead of using clip art, I go: Insert - Picture - From File. (then search for the picture I saved.)
    I hope I've helped at all....

  3. Hi Riss,

    I am happy to give you a few pointers on what little I know about powerpoint. I find that I can just copy the pictures straight from their source and paste them in.

    Also you have used the Dim 3 complex reasoning process - classifying in your vegetable lesson (under ground and above ground) this could be useful in your LM4 task 2!

    Check out my blog to learn how to embed a you tube clip into a powerpoint too!