Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hej (hi in Swedish).

During some research I found that Lorenzo and Ittelson sum up what an e-portfolio is quite nicely by stating that it is a personal web based collection of work, responses to ideas and work and personal reflections that can be used to show case skills and accomplishments for a variety of situations and times. They then go on to add that e-portfolios are a valuable learning and assessment tool.

The how and why would I use this in a classroom environment led me to finding out several things- The e-portfolio could contain video and audio taped interviews with students, photographs and work samples that might be used to create discussions and high light students achievements. Using an e-portfolio would benefit and lead students to developing critical reflection, collective learning and knowledge sharing as skills to be used in and out of the classroom setting. It could also assist in the development of writing and communication skills, technology literacy skills and how to use digital media.

After discovering what an e-portfolio was and how it could be used, I signed up for Mahara (our university chosen e-portfolio) and got started looking around. It was all quite painless apart from the having to pay money part. Although in the long run it may well be a good investment. I haven’t started uploading anything of great interest there yet so it could be challenging once I do. I hope to adjust my resume and put that on there soon and then I hope to start adding lesson plans and ideas. Wish me luck as I do you on this exciting adventure into the unknown.

Hejda (bye in Swedish).

Lorenzo, G. and Ittelson, J. (2005). An Overview Of E-Portfolios. Educause Learning Initiative.

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  1. Hi, Rissa,

    You have certainly covered a lot of work this month! One thing about PowerPoints: I always use PowerPoints for the total management of my lessons, from introduction and Lesson Objectives, through the various choice of activities groups within the class might choose, plenary questions etc etc. However, The choice of music linked to the PowerPoints is also a clue or stimulus for thier activities. - Have you thought of embedding perhaps standard tunes which remind the kids of what their mindset should be during an activity? - I could go on but you can fill out the examples!

    My main reason for responding, however, is concerning your notes on e-Portfolios. I feel that the work of Lorenzo & Ittelson is now quite dated - although what they say is right, many more ideas have emerged over the last 2-3 years. Have a look at my blog which mainly addresses the UK scene, but I am particularly interested in the work relating to teaching & learning:

    I'm interested also in your comments about Mahara. It might be OK for intelligent young adults but I am not sure how you would develop this for kids - particularly in terms of e-safety. Also, I note your comment about costs. Perhaps, if you would be so kind, can you contact me off-list and tell me more about these charges?

    Best Wishes,

    Ray Tolley FEIDCT, NAACE Fellow, MBILD
    ICT Education Consultant
    Maximise ICT Ltd
    Winner of the IMS 'Leadership Regional Award 2009'